James Steimle


The best way to commit a crime is to have someone else do it for you.
—Milar Burton,
Last Man In Prison

Interference by Jim BlackstoneThe armored dropship hung in the air like an upside down teardrop. Undercarriage gun turrets swiveled away from the smoldering remains of the old robot, which had fallen backwards. If it had a face, Corvasce’s short time protector and once mechanical pet would have been staring into the sky, eyelids fluttering as it settled with sparks into its final repose. The floater’s guns sought other targets. Are the Seekers drawing near? Body sensors must have located the old woman in the earthen house. They trained at last on the little window that had proved to be his salvation and at the open door, beyond which ancient Manda—who really wasn’t that ancient—wisely remained in hiding.

An officer in black armor hit the ground, followed by six others.

Framed for the assassination of the President, Damien Reyes–racing to save his dream girl and his life–finds himself plummeting down the greatest of all reality-altering quantum mathematical experiments.

Interference by James Steimle writing as Jim Blackstone