James Steimle

Few Are Chosen

Jessica Singer and Chris Noble are in love.

Everybody knows, including Dave (the Hulk Meister), Tam (Jessica’s best friend), Ben (the wayward cousin), Kat (the Nazi of Righteousness), Ryan (the football ex-beaux), and even Chris’s previous hottie, Rita Hirsch.

Few Are ChosenYet neither Jess nor Chris make a move.  Both have their reasons.

Separated by confusion and fear, they feel an invisible wall of glass tremble and threaten to shatter as their romantic tension builds.  Why do they hesitate?  Why don’t they hold each other when they long for affection so much?

To answer these questions and bridge the case, Jessica rages against a world bent on splitting the Catholic girl and Mormon boy forever.

Before she can even begin … the dice are already rolling … fate will decide their future.  Unless Jessica finds the inner strength to make her dreams come true …